**ATTENTION** : I want to make it clear that Sarah does not use MySpace. So if you are talking to Sarah on that site they are fake. Thank you for understanding this. If you are the ones with those fake accounts please shut them down. The only social network accounts that Sarah uses are the ones linked to the right of this column.


For all updates and information please follow Sarah on her social media pages :

Like on facebook at http://facebook.com/ssdarkangel

Follow on twitter - @ssdarkangel

On Instagram - @ssdarkangel


February 2013 -
Dark Angel has joined Twitter & Instagram! Be sure to follow her on both
Twitter - @ssdarkangel (http://www.twitter.com/ssdarkangel)
Instagram - http://instagram.com/ssdarkangel
And of course on facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sarah-Stock/196313450384801

December 2012
- Pre-contest interview with Sarah on ESPN.com

November 2012 -
Checkout this story on Sarah in the Miami Herald

February 2012 - Un dia como ayer, hace una decada, tuve mi primera lucha en Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada. Gracias mi querida lucha libre por todo lo que me has dado. No pasa ni un dia que no agradezco tu presencia en mi vida. A los que me siguen, nunca sabran cuanta fuerza me dan. Son de mis bendiciones mas grandes.

A day like yesterday, 10 years ago, I had my first match in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada. I thank this beautiful sport for all that its given me. Not a day goes by that I don't appreciate your presence in my life. To those who have followed my career, you'll never know the strength you give me.

November 11th 2011 - El jueves 24 de Noveimbre es la fecha del concurso de fisicoconstructivismo del CMLL. Voy preparando bien, ahi los veo!

Nov. 24 is the annual CMLL bodybuilding competition. Come to the Arena Mexico to help cheer me on!

I am also doing an autograph signing on November. 19th in Mexico City from 12pm-3pm, Solar's Store, Esq. Luis Moya and Arcos de Belen en el Centro. Everyone is welcome come on by for a visit!

October 27th 2011 -
Check out the Impact Wrestling promo pictures album for a special Halloween treat from Sarita!

July 5th 2011 -
Added new pictures to the Artwork and TNA Promo Gallery.
TNA pictures credit Lee South Photography

July 2nd 2011
Check out these videos of Dark Angel recently put on youtube:
(just click the name of the video to watch)

Dark Angel Sarah Stock vs La Amapola - Hair vs Mask - April 14th 2006

Rosita and Sarita vs. Madison Rayne and Tara

Wrestling Debut of Angelina from Jersey Shore

Beautiful People vs. Sarita and Rosita

TNA Xplosion 02/01/11 Sarita vs Winter

Sarita vs Angelina Love (TNA Xplosion 2010/10/15)

TNA Xplosion 12/17/10 Sarita vs Mickie James

Mexican America Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Sarita and Taylor backstage segment

Sarita ITW

TNA Xplosion 12/17/10 Sarita Backstage Interview

Sarah Stock-Sarita-Dark Angel tribute

Footage of Angelina from MTV's Jersey Shore

Xplosion 11/26/10 Sarita vs Taylor Wilde

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Match

Footage From TNA's New Orleans Live Event

The TNA Knockouts : Bare Knuckles Brawl

The TNA Knockouts In Action

The TNA Knockouts in Actiona again

Sarita & Velvet Brawl

Velvet Sky vs. Sarita

Another TNA Knockouts Tag Team Match

The Knockouts Brawl On iMPACT

Huge Brawl Involving The TNA Knockouts

The TNA Wrestling Knockouts In Action

July 1st 2011
Dark Angel Sarah Stock, Luna Magica and Marcela vs La Amapola, Princesa Blanca and Princesa Sugey - CMLL 77th Anniversary Show

I am very excited to announce that I am involved in the very early stages of developing a comic book starring Dark Angel. It's a three-issue, action-horror story entitled Dark Legacy. Posted are some sample pages from the book and it looks just awesome! We will keep you updated as things progress. For more information on the comic book please contact coreyatslam@yahoo.ca

April 4th 2011 -
Thanks to everyone who sent something in for the contest to win some of my original ring gear!

Gracias a todos que mandaron algo para el concurso y la oportunidad de ganar un equipo mio original! pronto sabran el ganador...

And here is the winning video - Sent in by Aris!

You can also check out the video on dailymotion - http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xhwu1i_sarah-stock-sarita-dark-angel-tribute_sport

March 11th 2011

Be sure to come to my autograph signing Friday, March 18th, 5:00 at Cafeteria Doña Barbara. You'll find it on Luis Moya, at Arcos de Belen, in Colonia Centro, Mexico City. I can't wait to meet you!

Vengan a mi firma de autografos el viernes, 18 de Marzo a las 5 de la tarde en la Cafeteria Doña Barbara, Luis Moya casi esq. con Arcos... de Belen, en el Centro. Quiero conocerlos y saludar a viejos amigos!

Make sure to watch TNA Victory Road this Sunday to see me and Rosita go after the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles!!!

Added new pictures to the promo gallery, artwork gallery, TNA fans gallery & the TNA promo gallery

February 18th 2011 -
Come see Sarita in action tonight at Arena Mexico if you are in the area, or in Norfolk, VA on February 25th, Richmond, VA on February 26th and Salem, OR on March 5th.

February 16th 2011 -
Hello everyone! In honor of my site reopening I am holding a contest. The winner of this contest will win an autographed piece of my ring gear from my own personal collection!!!
You might be wondering what you have to do to enter this contest, well I want to see how creative all my fans can be. I want you to make either a highlight video (You can use either match footage, pictures or both if you want) of me or some artwork (you can use either photoshop or draw it by hand).
Your work/ video must be your original work and cannot be copied from something else that is already online.

You can find lots of pictures of me on either of these pages:

This website :)

FB Page -http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sarah-Stock/196313450384801

FB Group - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6819873869

Also lots of video footage on youtube.com/newscott (under both uploads and favourites sections)

The deadline for enterting this contest will be March 31st 2011. So please have all your submissions in by then.

If you want to make a video but have no way to upload it, just make an account on youtube, dailymotion or any other free video hosting site you would like to use.

Please email all video links and artwork pictures to maritimewrestling@hotmail.com and in the subject of the email put "Sarah Stock Contest"

Thanks I am looking forward to seeing what all my great fans can do! Be creative and have fun!

February 12th 2011 - Here are some new and old clips with Sarita in TNA

TNA Xplosion: Daffney Vs Sarita 6/30/10

Xplosion 11/26/10 Sarita vs Taylor Wilde

TNA Xplosion: Daffney Vs Sarita 9/17/10

TNA Xplosion 20/10/10 Mickie James vs Sarita w/ Mickie James Interview

TNA Xplosion 12/17/10 Sarita vs Mickie James

Sarita vs Angelina Love (TNA Xplosion 2010/10/15)

TNA Xplosion 02/01/11 Sarita vs Winter

TNA Xplosion ODB and Traci Brooks vs Taylor Wilde and Sarita

TNA Xplosion 12/17/10 Sarita Backstage Interview

Sarita ITW

Taylor Wilde & Sarita fight backstage again

sarita and Taylor backstage segment

February 5th 2011 -
Check out the footage from Sarita's bare knuckle brawl with Mickie James

January 25th 2011 -
Join Sarah's new facebook page -
Don't wait hurry up and click that like button today!

January 21st 1011 -
Dark Angel will be wrestling this Monday (Jan 24th) in Puebla and Tuesday (Jan 25th) in Guadalajara. If you are in the area don't miss your chance to see the best female wrestler in the world compete!

Here are some pics from a recent article that came out in the newspaper BASTA in Mexico

Here are some videos from some recent TNA Impact episodes

The Knockouts Brawl On iMPACT - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pFa-qHgI4I

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Match - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHZCfe5uTeA

Velvet Sky vs. Sarita - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEwf33VKl8o

Sarita & Velvet Brawl - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-qK__T8_d4

The TNA Knockouts in Action - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uP4cjHbV-o

January 20th 2011 - Added new pictures to the bodybuilding section from the 2010 CMLL Bodybuilding show. Click Here

December 1st 2010 - Sarah recently won the CMLL Bodybuilding Championship for the 5th stright year!

November 1st 2010 -
Huge brawl involving the TNA Knockouts including Sarita - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIGmPI_c5rE

Sarita in a 6 woman tag team match on Impact! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XAZ5L7vaH8

October 25th 2010 -
Sarita vs Mickie James

September 14th 2010 -
Added some new pictures to the promo gallery

August 4th 2010
- Dark Angel Sarah Stock vs Amapola - June 17th 2010

July 30th 2010
- Here are some clips from TNA Impact! featuring Sarita :

Tara vs. Sarita

Taylor Wilde and Sarita Segement Xplosion

Taylor Wilde & Sarita backstage

Daffney vs. Sarita

TNA Impact 07/01/10 Sarita & Taylor Wilde Backstage

Tara vs. Taylor Wilde / Sarita Runs In

Sarita vs. Taylor Wilde

Angelina Love vs. Sarita

May 25th 2010
- Sarah will be wrestling this Friday night in Arena Mexico!

Also check out this video : Dark Angel, Lady Apache, Luna Mágica vs Hiroka, Mima, Blanca

May 5th 2010 -
Added some new pictures from Sarah's April trip to Japan. Click here

Here is a clip from TNA Impact from Monday May 3rd

April 7th 2010 -
Check out the pictures from Sarah's most recent trip to Japan. Click here.

At the April 5th show At Shinkiba First Ring, Sarah won a single's match against Princesa Sugeith. They fought for the Sky High of Arsion belt, which was awarded as a trophy. She also competed in a Battle Royal the same night. Now Sarah getting ready for this weekend as she makes her return to Shimmer!

April 2nd 2010 -
http://www.hitheropes.com recently did an article on Sarita : http://www.hittheropes.com/wrestlingarticles/index.php/component/content/article/55-wrestling/1077-tna-knockout-rewind-sarita

March 31st 2010 -
Added some new picures to the artwork gallery. Thanks for sending them in! Keep sending them to maritimewrestling@hotmail.com

March 13th 2010 -
Here is a poster for one of the shows Sarah will be on in Japan

February 9th 2010 -
Sarah Returns To Japan in 2010
Sarah will be returning to Japan in March & April 2010 She will be wrestling on Fuka's retirement show at Korakuen Hall on March 28th and then again on April 3rd at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

Also, I just wanted to let all of Sarah's fans know that there is a myspace account opened under Sarah's name but it is not her. If you find anyone on myspace claiming to be Sarah it is not her.

February 8th 2010 -
Added some new pictures to the artwork gallery. I want to thank everyone who sent those in! Keep sending them to maritimewrestling@hotmail.com

February 5th 2010-
SHIMMER Women Athletes is pleased to announce the return of both "Dark Angel" Sarah Stock and Ayako Hamada to SHIMMER competition during the month of April 2010!

SHIMMER returns to the Berwyn Eagles Club (6309 26th Street) in Berwyn, IL, just outside Chicago, on Saturday & Sunday, April 10th & 11th. Bell time on Saturday, 4/10 is 2pm. Doors open at 1pm. Bell time on Sunday, 4/11 is 1pm. Doors open at Noon.

"Dark Angel" Sarah Stock made an immediate impact in SHIMMER upon her dramatic arrival in June of 2007. Stock was the International Wildcard competitor in the SHIMMER Title Tournament, shocking many by defeating SHIMMER main event stars Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif during her first and second round bouts. Stock later fell to eventual tournament winner Sara Del Rey in the third round, just seconds before the expiration of the 20 minute time limit. Sarah had a memorable series of matches against Daizee Haze during subsequent outings, a hard fought 2 out of 3 falls rematch against Del Rey, and a classic rematch against Melissa.

We're anxious to see "Dark Angel" back in the SHIMMER ring on both of the 4/10 and 4/11 events. What is on Sarah's agenda in SHIMMER during 2010? We're ready to find out.

International superstar Ayako Hamada in many ways stole the show back at the SHIMMER 4th Anniversary Celebration in November of 2009. Hamada's SHIMMER debut contest against Mercedes Martinez displayed Ayako's technical wrestling proficiency, going hold for hold and strike for strike against one of SHIMMER's most skilled. The second competitor to sign for a match against Hamada was Sara Del Rey, who perhaps got more than she bargained for when she opted to introduce a steel chair into the contest, causing the referee to throw the rulebook out the window and delcare the bout No DQ! Hamada and Del Rey battled all over the Eagles Club using everything they could get their hands on, and giving the fans in attendance what many of them called one of the wildest matches in company history.

After Ayako's second match at the "4th Anniversary Celebration" in November, the Berwyn crowd chanted, "Please come back!" They will get their wish on Sunday, 4/11, as Ayako Hamada will be back in SHIMMER competition (she is unavailable for 4/10 due to a prior commitment).

Front row seating to Saturday, April 10th is already SOLD OUT.

Front row seating to Sunday, April 11th is still available. Less than 15 front row seats to the April 11th taping remain.

General admission seating to both April 10th and 11th is also currently available.

To secure your tickets online right now by PayPal, visit the link below.


If you would like to place a mail order for tickets (check or money order), E-mail shimmernews@yahoo.com for mail order payment instructions.

Mark your calendars! SHIMMER is back in Berwyn April 10th & 11th!

Discuss the April 10th & 11th tapings in the following thread...


January 30th 2010 -
Added new pictures to the action and other sections

Check out Satira & Taylor Wilde vs Awesome Kong & Hamada from the January 4th TNA Impact - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp8txleHp0Y

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